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Interview with NPR's Morning Edition KCUR

It was an honor to talk with Anne Kniggendorf from NPR's Morning Edition on KCUR last week about The Music Between Us, my time volunteering with hospice patients, and the healing power for music. You can listen [4 min] or read the transcript.

"Steve Litwer is an amateur guitarist who's written a book about the healing nature of his volunteer work with people approaching death.

Steve Litwer spent a lot of his life feeling embarrassed about having been raised by a parent with a mental illness. The retired media sales executive says that even into adulthood, his mother refused treatment for schizophrenia, a disease that traumatized him and his brothers.

Now, though, the embarrassment has waned enough that Litwer was able to write and publish a book, The Music Between Us, sharing intimate details with anyone who’d like to read them.

Far down his road to recovery and self-acceptance, Litwer started volunteering to play the guitar for hospice patients around Kansas City. He had no idea the activity would be crucial to mending what had always felt broken within him; he calls it “healing from those who cannot heal.”

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