Until Death Do Us Part - Marriage Advice From Some of My Clients

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I wanted to share some of the marriage advice I was given by some of my clients over the years. After thirty-five years of marriage, this advice makes so much sense. Much of it seems so obvious, almost too simple. Yet how many of us paid attention when we heard things like this while we were still dating our future spouses? How many of us exercise much of this wisdom well into our marriages? I would have saved myself and my wife, Cynthia, a lot of grief had I been more aware at the outset.

  1. “Fifteen percent of conflict is difference of opinion. Eighty-five percent is tone of voice.”

  2. “Apologizing doesn’t always mean you’re wrong and the other is right. It means you value the relationship more than your ego.”

  3. “Imagine what your life would really be without them.”

  4. “A hug and a kiss go a long way.”

  5. “Do stuff together, like going to the grocery store. Eve