Cream of Smoked Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

This recipe came to life about 10-15 years ago after smoking my own Thanksgiving turkey. Wanting to put the leftover turkey to

good use, I used a combination of recipes to create my own that remains a staple every year. My grandkids love it!

With the colder weather, I thought it would be good to go ahead and share with you (and I talk about this recipe in the book!).

If you can smoke your own turkey, do it! If not, you can easily buy one pre-smoked at a grocer or a smokehouse.


1 12-15-quart stockpot

*1 Turkey carcass (preferably smoked) with 3 lbs. of meat on it. (About an 8 lb. bird)

4 Carrots: sliced to desired thickness

4 Celery: Stalks sliced to desired thickness

1 Onion: (medium to large), diced

2 Cups Wild Rice

1 Cup White Rice (Preferably Basmati or Brown)

1 Cup of Corn (fresh or canned)</