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Volunteering in Retirement: 6 Tips for Making an Impact

National Volunteer Week is April 18 – 24.

When speaking with folks about my book, “The Music Between Us: Memoir of a Bedside Musician,” the conversations often always lead to questions about how I came to be a hospice volunteer, spending time with terminally ill clients. I always share my personal discovery that serving others is not just for them, but can also be a powerful gift to the volunteer as well. In my case, it was life-changing.

During these discussions, I’m usually told by others that they’d like to seek a way to be of service, but are not sure what kind of work that might be and what’s locally available. (Volunteering to be with dying folks is not for everyone – something I address in my book.) Fortunately, there are tons of other opportunities to serve, limited only by one’s time and imagination.

If you’d like to explore some ideas to get you started, author Kathleen Coxwell writes excellent articles for a number of publications. This one appeared in the March 30th Edition of the NewRetirement e-newsletter: Volunteering After Retirement: 6 Tips for Making an Impact.

And by the way, volunteering isn’t just for retired folks!

Steve Litwer

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